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Engaging with Key Stakeholders throughout the whole SMP development process is essential for us to undertake integrated coastal erosion and flood risk management.

By creating dialogue with you at an early stage we hopefully give you a sense of ownership and a vested interest in the final policies.

Throughout this process we intend to explain what is happening and how you can participate. Hopefully this will encourage YOU to become involved and assist us by supplying any relevant information relating to coastal process AND management issues along the coastline which all have a bearing on the final policy decisions.

The guide below gives an idea of when we will contact you throughout the process to ensure that you are kept informed and can input fully into the process.

Stage 1
Stakeholders will be contacted by letter explaining the background to the SMP review and be invited to participate in the process. if you have not been contacted and wish to be involved please register online above.

We would like to know if you have any relevant data that may have a bearing on the SMP review. You will be asked to complete a data response form - this can also be done online (follow the registration link).

Stages 2 and 3
You will be contacted and invited to participate in a series of workshops/meetings. This will allow us to update you and give feedback on current progress and coastal risk information. It will also enable us to hear your ideas, opinions and any concerns.

Stage 4
You will have the opportunity to comment on the draft policies and attend a series of meetings to discuss the proposed policies. There will be a chance to discuss whether you support or object to the proposals and explain and discuss reasons.

Stage 5
If changes are required to the SMP policies, following consultation at stage 4, stakeholders will be informed of these alterations and the reasons for the changes will be made known.

Stage 6
The final SMP document will be publicised and copies will be available for viewing.

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