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The coastline covered by the Cornwall and Isles of Scilly SMP comes within the boundaries of 7 maritime district councils. They, and the Environment Agency, have certain permissive powers for defending the coast from flooding and coastal erosion.

Together they are required to review the initial SMP’s for the area and produce a new and updated SMP2 for sustainable coastal defence management. This is achieved through the auspices of the Client Steering Group (CSG), comprising representatives from maritime district councils, the Environment Agency, and other key bodies.

The key tasks in carrying out assessments to support policy development of the SMP will be carried out by a SMP Consultant appointed by Caradon District Council, steered by the Client Steering Group (CSG), and managed through the Project Management Group (PMG) with Coast and Country Projects Limited (CCPL) acting as the Project Manager.

At various consultation stages, an Elected Members Forum and a Key Stakeholders Group will be engaged in the Review via the Client Steering Group

The roles and responsibilities of the SMP2 groups, and details of current membership, are given in the table below

The Client Steering Group
The Client Steering Group was formed in January 2008 and comprises representatives from the operating authorities and Associate Partner organisations.

Authority Name
Caradon DC(lead Jerry Masters
Penwith DC Peter Verran
Kerrier DC Steve Schotel
Cornwall County Council Anne Reynolds
Cornwall County Counci Philippa Hoskin/Simon Lowery
Environment Agency Rep Julian Payne
Natural England Fiona McNie
National Trust

Andrew Davey
English Heritage Vanessa Straker
Keith Cole ( Technical Secretary) Coast and Country Projects Limited

Roles and responsibilities
Provide client expertise in determining scope and extent of the SMP review.
Maintaining liaison with and reporting back to the Coastal Group and  Client organisations.
Work in partnership with the consultant to develop: issues , their priority, objectives and draft proposals.
Directing further consultation, including methods and material to be employed.
Identifying key stakeholders and  representatives.
Overseeing public consultation exercise
Keeping members organisations updated.
Seeking ratification of SMP policies.
Convening meetings of the Elected Members Forum and Key Stakeholder Groups.
Delegating any of the above to the Project  Management Group for implementation.

Project Management Group

Authority Name
Caradon DC(lead Authority) Jerry Masters
Coast and Country Projects Limited Keith Cole
Environment Agency Rep Julian Payne

Roles and responsibilities

As above and Day to Day Client Project Management

Maintaining administrative support
Provide expert advice to the CSG in determining the scope and extent of the SMP
Overseeing Phase 1 including production of: the Form of the SMP, Stakeholder strategy and Scoping report for the CSG
Web site development and maintenance

Elected Members Forum

Authority Name
Caradon DC  
Penwith DC  
Kerrier DC  
Carrick District Council


Council of the Isles of Scilly  
Restormel Borough Council  
North Cornwall District Council  
Cornwall County Council  
Environment Agency flood defence committee  

Roles and responsibilities
Consider the issues to be dealt with by the  SMP
Agree the objectives of the SMP
Review the policies to be contained within  the SMP
Agree the priority of issues
Seek ratification of the SMP and its policies

Key Stakeholders

Membership of group includes amongst others, members from the following interest groups;-
Museums Fishing Interests
Industry / commerce Land owners
Ramblers Tourism
Water Sports Clubs Farming / agriculture
Clubs / societies Environment
Parish & Town Councils Residents Associations
Public Interest Group  

Roles and responsibilities
Suggest issues and their priorities to be considered within the SMP
Meet periodically throughout the SMP review
Consider proposals on the overall scope and objectives of the SMP
Review policies to be carried out in the draft SMP
Support the public consultation exercise

Other Stakeholders
Individuals and organisations who are likely to be affected by the decisions of the SMP, but who may not be represented in the Key stakeholder Group.

Roles and responsibilities
Provide information on their areas of interest
Identify issues of concern to them about the management of the coastline
Respond on the effect of policy proposals  on their area of interest



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